loms meeting august 2017

The League of Monster Slayers

Fun / Casual / Helpful

After doing the hilariously fun mission in the Savage Coast, we wanted to capture that fun with like-minded people.

We welcome all players, including new, veterans, and casual players.
All we ask are that our members treat each other respectfully and keep a somewhat mature behavior, as outlined in our Code of Conduct.

We have members from all over the globe, but the majority are from Europe and North-America. We are English speaking, primarily.

While we are more PvE focused, we do all sorts of content in the game, including PvP. Our goal is to have fun, enjoy the game, smell the roses, and maybe be a little silly.

We use teamspeak for optional voice-communication and a custom chat channel to chat across the factions (instead of cabal chat).

For more information, please visit our website.

Check us out:

1. Join our custom channel by typing
/chat join LoMSGlobal
/discussion rejoindre LoMSGlobal
/chat beitreten LoMSGlobal

2. Say hello, mention your faction, bring cookies, and ask questions. See if we’re a good fit for you.

3. If you would like an invite, read and accept the cabal’s Code of Conduct

4. Remember to rejoin LoMSGlobal the next time you log on as all our chat happens here. You can also click the + in the upper right corner of the chat window to create a new chat tab and easily filter out text.
Autojoin script is available on our forums
or see here for how to do it on your own.

See you at the Treehouse!


  • Name: The League of Monster Slayers
  • Active in SWL & TSW
  • TSW-post: TSW Forums post
  • Website: LoMSGlobal.com
  • Faction: Multifaction
  • Language: English
  • Focus: PVE
  • Recruiting: Yes