The Sinking City

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the winged-lion signal — RECEIVE — initiate the cadence of Saint Mark — WE CONTROL THE HORIZONTAL — initiate the Sandon prerogative — WE CONTROL THE VERTICAL — initiate the simulator sickness — WITNESS — the Venetian agenda.

Some of these legends require a scenario

# Coord Location Details
1 260,170 Sunken Library Behind a root past the Council Security Guards
2 Agartha Cities Hub: around the corner behind the entrance to the Library
3 240,240 Sunken Library Between two bookcases
4 The Hotel Requires scenario “The Hotel” — In the basement of the hotel (not updated for SWL yet)
5 The Mansion Requires scenario “The Mansion” — Inside the secret room on the first floor (not updated for SWL yet)
6 The Castle Requires scenario “The Castle” — On a table (not updated for SWL yet)