Paranormal Investigation Society: Badgers


We are:

We are a club of hunters and archivists, not a cabal. Fire Lords, Hellraisers, and Ghostbusters — all.

A collection of many, tireless completionists dedicated to obtaining every Achievement — but especially those of the hunt. Noah saved two of every kind; we take ten-thousand.

How —
We excel:

Communication. Organization. Results.

What do those last five hundreds kills tell us? It can always be faster, smoother, better.

Test methods and share. Our guides are simple to understand; our kills per minute are easy to reproduce. They contain every detail discovered to date so that efficiency is not lost: all knowledge should be preserved, duplicate efforts should be contained to testing variables.

Who —
We enlist:

Members include: writers, battleground champions, renowned modification specialists, more than one… lone-wolf, at least one small spider and more secretive Russians than there are secrets in the world.

There is room for those who have done all they want of The Secret World and wish to grace the journey with a title of Demiurge (Five-thousand or more Achievement points) and a fully provisioned Museum of the Occult.

Where —
We gather:

Please use /chat join badgers to communicate and participate. Members are encouraged to exchange new information — and to find partners for duos and groups and schedule in advance for larger projects. Add this to your existing chat script file.

Website & Guides:
Chat channel: /chat join badgers