Carpathian Fangs

Coord Collection # Details
1050,345 Deathless 3 On a ledge
1080,380 Deathless 4 Run up and around the tower
1110,370 Deathless 6 Drops from mobs inside the church
620,650 Filth Guardians 2 Inside Smith’s Cabin
1230,675 Filth Guardians 3 Stand on top of a van and angle camera
340,1000 Golems 7 Drops randomly from Accursed Ice golems
380,640 Golems and The Fourth Age 7 Under the bridge to the power plant in the Zmeu area
677,947 Golems and The Fourth Age 9 At the top of Eagle’s Nest, on the ledge behind a warehouse
Revenants 7 Requires mission “They Mostly Come At Night”
In the final instance
650,850 Spectres 1 On top of rocks
220,175 The Sleepless Lullaby 4 In front of the entrance to the Nursery
The Sleepless Lullaby 5 Requires mission “The Sound of Children”
At the “kitchen” part of the nursery
The Sleepless Lullaby 7 Emma’s dream — Requires mission “I Walk Into Empty”
Behind the cabin at the beginning of the dream
The Sleepless Lullaby 8 Emma’s dream — Requires mission “I Walk Into Empty”
In a dining room inside the burning house
355,1000 Vampire Masters 1 On top of scaffolding
555,985 Vampire Masters 4 On 2nd floor of cabin
535,1055 Vampire Masters 5 Drops from Danesti Painartist
355,1015 Vampire Masters 6 Requires mission “The Castle”
In the corner of Gary’s room
420,1025 Vampire Masters 7 Requires mission “The Castle”
Behind a truck in courtyard
915,1030 Vampire Masters 9 Drops from Nocturnal Survivalist. Chase him when he flies away
1075,900 Vampires 1 Behind tent
885,930 Vampires 2 On top of pillar, drop down from above
895,430 Vampires 3 In a cave with Callisto
1080,995 Vampires 5 Inside the hangar
840,980 Vampires 8 Inside the bunker
370,800 Vampires 10 On the side of the cliff near Roman Road
1135,865 Vampires 12 Random drop from Type X Controller
475,1220 Guardians of Gaia 8 Outside of Agartha entrance
370,1180 Werewolves 2 On top of a rock
355,1200 Werewolves 3 On a ledge
365,1200 Werewolves 7 Drops from Frostbite
775,500 Zmei 1 Against the wall in Zana Springs
865,560 Zmei 2 Inside the Roman ruins in Zana Springs
865,580 Zmei 3 Drops randomly from Black Springs Earthshaker
330,605 The Filth 10 In a tunnel, entrance at 330,630
385,975 Draculesti 7 Inside a cave, entrance at 420,965. Appears after killing The Grey
380,1015 Draculesti 8 The Castle — Requires mission “The Castle” — Open the door with blue keycard and go to the small room to the right
380,1005 Draculesti 9 The Castle — Requires mission “The Castle” — Inside the room which you open with blue keycard
715,675 Council of Venice 9 In a room with Council of Venice Envoy
910,935 The Breach 1 On top of a watchtower
1085,800 The Breach 3 Back of the truck which is located near the entrance to The Breach
1220,745 The Breach 4 Inside The Breach, in one of the containers. You need to jump on top of containers and rocks to access this lore
1200,725 The Breach 5 Last floor at The Breach, at the end of a girder
1160,665 The Breach 6 Inside The Breach. On top of a floating rock
310,710 Morninglight 9 In an abandoned house
515,770 Morninglight 10 On a balcony at hunting lodge
630,480 Roman Baths 1 At the right side of the cave
650,370 Roman Baths 2 On your right side when you enter to Roman Baths
690,330 Roman Baths 3 Behind a wall at Roman Baths
805,910 Roman Baths 4 Off from the path, near stalagmites
815,415 Roman Baths 5 In the area where mission “Too Deep” ends
1425,310 Roman Baths 6 East of Our Lady Monastery
665,430 Roman Baths 7 Inside Roman Baths, access from 780,405
405,410 The Orochi Group 17 In a Orochi outpost, inside a tent
1010,920 Phoenicians 12 In Lidya’s Terminal
895,645 Phoenicians 13 On a concrete ledge
440,1015 Vampire Crusades 6 Inside the cave beneath the castle
Vampire Crusades 7 Requires mission “The Castle” — Inside the room with pool table and 2 House of Danesti Hultans