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Cerberus is a heavy RP guild focused around ‘true Blue’ Illuminati style: power suits and private parties; boardroom backstabbing; designer deals. Once upon a time Cerberus was focused on the grey and black market, where anyone can buy anything for the right price. But in the aftermath of Tokyo and the growing threat of Hell — and worse — breaking out on Earth, Cerberus has been conscripted for a larger and more dangerous specialty: guarding the gates to make sure it doesn’t.

The IC Pitch

The world is a bad place… but it’s our world, and our place. The Illuminati are the heirs to the modern world, and we have a vested interesting in making sure that the mundane masses don’t realize how often things go ‘bump’ in the night. We need to keep people safe, ignorant, and compliant — not in that order. The mundanes get their American dream, white picket fences, reality TV, and party pills, while the Illuminati get to control it.

And that’s what Cerberus does. We’re the watchdog that keeps an eye on the shadows. We’re the hands holding the leashes. Cover-ups, bribery, alliances; strike teams and pre-emptive aggression. Whatever it takes. ‘Second place’ means you lost, so we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty if that’s what it takes to win.


Former TSW players might recognize us as an old face with a new name. In TSW we were Cerberus Solutions, one of the oldest and most stable of the roleplay guilds. August 2017 will be our fifth year anniversary, and we’ve been under the same leadership since 2014.

In SWL, we’re concentrating on a wider theme than previously, and opening up our RP to non-Illuminati members since SWL supports multi-faction guilds. However: we are ultimately a Blue organization, and anyone joining us should know that! We take the faction tensions quite seriously.

We consider ourselves a ‘mature’ RP group — and we don’t mean sex. We mean grey morality, painful choices, and lasting consequences. We tell stories to explore the horrors and struggle of the human condition and a crumbling world… and stories about the good things and the happiness that can still be found inside it. ‘Consequences’ is a keyword of ours: every action has them. If you’re out to be a hero or play feel-good fluffy RP… we’re not the group for you.

Lastly, Cerberus is a corporation, and any interested potential members should be aware of that. We have an IC hierarchy, with departments, Directors, interns, and everything in between. Cerberus is your character’s job, and you can be promoted, demoted, or fired depending on your IC actions in the company.

So… Are you in?

Contact & Applying

Contact information and application information can be found on our cabal website. We recruit four times per year: once every three months. Questions of an IC type (character ideas, cross-cabal roleplay, plots, lore) should be addressed to Null-State (‘Null-State’ on Enjin). Questions of an OOC type (webpage is broken, problem submitting an application, questions about functionality) should be addressed to Sanneke (‘Spellsmith’ on Enjin).