featured image City of The Sun God

City of The Sun God

Coord Collection # Details
550,490 Arthropods 2 In a cave
Arthropods 6 Requires mission “In the Dusty Dark” — Next to a Royal Scarab relic at 270,170, after the poison trap
Arthropods 7 Find the following scarabs:

  • Blue at 295,180 — 320,540 — 215,1015
  • Red at 820,630 — 550,300 — 260,900
  • Green at 610,680 — 190,305
900,500 Cultists 2 Drops from cultists in caves
150,90 Cultists 3 On top of a statue
900,540 Familiars 6 In a cave, after entering go left
130,25 Familiars 4 On a cliff before the Herald of Aten
205,1015 Filth and Humans 8 On top of a rock
150,950 Filth and Nature< 2 Next to a cliff
715,995 Filth Guardians 4 Next to a cliff
35,685 Filth Guardians 5 Next to a Spider Guardian Heropsis
840,505 Ghouls 4 On top of a rocks
630,205 Ghouls 7 On top of a pillar
810,605 Ghouls 8 Drops from Panthian Willbreaker
735,910 Golems 5 Requires mission “Points of Impact” — Drops randomly from Primary Melts
810,310 Golems 6 Drops randomly from Mop Slop Riser golems
540,878 Golems and The Fourth Age 3 In the golem area, Mamar El-Al Hiram
825,715 Jinn 1 Requires mission “The Way of Things” — Inside The Halls of Cleansing Flames, you also need Jinn Sight buff
135,230 Jinn 8 Requires mission “Beneath You It Eats Its Name” — Right side of the portal to Agartha after defeating the Unbound
60,505 Mummies 3 On a ledge
920,845 Mummies 4 Requires mission “The Mummy Issues” — Inside the themple
145,775 Mummies 6 Drops from Embalmed Emptiness
160,810 Mummies 7 On top of a cliff
630,715 Mummies 9 Drops from The Black Pharoah’s Pride or The Guardian of the Valley
670,765 Mummies 10 On top of pillar, accessible from 2nd floor of The Gauntlet
15,810 Orochi Tech 3 At the end of Orochi Camp
840,185 Rakshasa 5 Random drop from Breachbeasts
405,883 Spectres 8 Inside one of the tents
760,890 Guardians of Gaia 5 Middle of large crater
970,610 The Call of The Nameless 1 At the corner of the temple. Use Ancient Temple Door to get inside the temple
The Call of The Nameless 2 The Ankh — Requires mission “The Angry Earth” — In the second alcove where 1st boss would be in the dungeon version
830,245 The Call of The Nameless 4 Inside Moutemouia’s monument, left corner
1000,770 The Call of The Nameless 5 At the middle of the path from Valley of the Afterlife to Bab-el Monzarin
860,100 The Call of The Nameless 6 On top of a huge spike at the Hollow. Climb there from 845,80 or 870,80
The Call of The Nameless 7 Black Pyramid — Requires mission “In the Dusty Dark” — After escaping the mummies, don’t hit the pad in the ground, but go right and follow the path. Lore is behind a open door
The Call of The Nameless 8 Black Pyramid — Requires mission “In the Dusty Dark” — At the beginning of the labyrinth, go to left path
The Call of The Nameless 9 Prison — Requires mission “Beneath You It Eats Its Name” — In the corner of the room after defeating The Unbound
340,915 The Filth/td>

8 In a middle of filth pond
630,915 Council of Venice 5 Behind Thutmose’s monument
405,40 The Marya 7 Behind a Council of Venice Envoy
490,205 The Marya 8 On top of a ruins at Ain al-Shams
945,365 The Marya 9 In a ritual chamber at Nexropolis
105,70 The Marya 10 On top of a wall at Herald of Aten
225,845 The Orochi Group 8 On top of a rock
70,990 The Orochi Group 9 Inside a Orochi tent
850,935 The Third Age 2 On top of a huge rock
185,445 The Third Age 3 On top of a rubble, climb up from 190,420
50,80 Phoenicians 6 Behind a wall against the mountain
427,499 Phoenicians 7 In a tent within the Aisle
100,902 The Sentinels 1 At Orochi Camp, behind crashed helicopter
803,1005 The Sentinels 2 In a cave. Go through the Ravine of the Champions and continue following the path
195,935 The Sentinels 3 In Orochi tent
340,60 The Sentinels 4 Next to a door leading to Scorched Desert
10,660 The Sentinels 5 At temple in Tainted Burrow
970,585 The Sentinels 6 Before Necropolis, first room
390,450 The Sentinels 7 Behind Nefertari the Younger, between two cliffs
625,900 The Sentinels 8 In front of Thutmose
290,905 The Sentinels 9 In front of Nefertari
830,245 The Sentinels 10 In front of Moutemouia
50,280 The Sentinels 11 In front of Hemitneter
130,450 The Sentinels 12 In front of Moutnefert
340,420 The Sentinels 13 In front of Nefertari the Younger
290,730 The Sentinels 14 In front of Houy
10,15 The Sentinels 15 At Herald of Aten, behind a statue
700,730 Temple City Discovered 1 Between the Gauntlet and the Halls of Cleansing Flames
615,825 Temple City Discovered 2 On top of a rock, start jumping from 615,790
225,730 Temple City Discovered 3 In front of the entrance to Nocturne
565,175 Temple City Discovered 6 Inside The Halls of Lost Records
60,875 Temple City Discovered 9 At Orochi Camp, inside the first tent
480,445 Temple City Discovered 10 In a cave, entrance at 455,465
710,720 The Pyramid 1 On top of a pillar
665,585 The Pyramid 2 On top of a cliff. Drops down from Gauntlet to get it
680,335 The Pyramid 3 Above the lava, western side of the Pyramid
810,290 The Pyramid 4 Follow the path to Shi-Netjer, at the end of the path
840,656 The Pyramid 5 On top of a rock, follow the path from 795,620 and drop down to the rock
855,460 The Pyramid 6 On top of a cliff, eastern side of the Pyramid
705,695 The Pyramid 7 Between the Gauntlet and Halls of Cleansing Flames
735,595 The Pyramid 8 North of the entrance to the Pyramid
750,465 The Pyramid 9 Next to a gate leading inside the Pyramid
605,725 King Solomon 1 In one of the rooms in Gauntlet, surrounded with cultists
King Solomon 2 Black Pyramid — Requires mission “In the Dusty Dark” — In a acid water trap. Deactivate the trap at the end and backtrack to get the lore
865,880 King Solomon 5 Near the ritual binding circle
185,735 King Solomon 6 In the Nocturne, in front of a door
King Solomon 7 Black Pyramid — Requires mission “In the Dusty Dark” — In a alcove after the poison water trap. Take left from the trap and follow the path
King Solomon 8 Black Pyramid — Requires mission “In the Dusty Dark” — At the end of the jumping puzzle