Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the Akhenaten — RECEIVE — initiate the eldritch hymns — FROM INNER EGYPT CAME THE STRANGE DARK ONE TO WHOM THE FELLAHS BOWED — illumine the Cult of Aten — WITNESS — The Cultists.

Some of these legends require a mission or a dungeon

# Coord Location Details
1 385,370 Scorched Desert Behind a wall
2 900,500 City of the Sun God Drops from cultists in caves
3 150,90 City of the Sun God On top of a statue
4 305,160 Scorched Desert On the cliff
5 Scorched Desert Requires mission “The Prisoner” — Behind a container after escaping the cell via tunnel
6 900,540 City of the Sun God In a cave, after entering go left