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Death Before Dishonor

We are lucky enough to have a very friendly and helpful membership. We are a part of DbD Gaming that has been a positive presence in PC Gaming since 2002.
We offer Community owned an operated Site, Forum and 500 Slot Teamspeak 3 server as well as a Laid-Back Adult Gaming Atmosphere!
We have have a tried and true structure that offers opportunity for members to advance within our Community if they desire with Ranks that carry over into all of the games that we have a presence in.
We are not a fly by night community. We have been around over 15 years and we are not going anywhere!
Interested persons should go to our site and inquire in our forum or just send me a message there!
DBD Gaming

  • Name: Death before Dishonor
  • Active in SWL
  • Forum-post:
  • Website: Death Before Dishonor
  • Faction: Mixed
  • Language: English
  • Focus: PvP/PvE
  • Recruiting: Yes