Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the pious signal — RECEIVE — initiate the silence and chanting — THEY HAVE NO HOPE OF DEATH, BUT BLIND LIFE SO ABJECT, THEY ENVY ANY OTHER FATE — illumine the Local Legends of Transylvania — WITNESS — The Deathless.

Some of these legends require a mission or a dungeon

# Coord Location Details
1 1370,150 Besieged Farmlands At the waterfall
2 1420,280 Besieged Farmlands Climb on top of a wall at 1320,230 and drop down when you see the legend
3 1050,345 Carpathian Fangs On a ledge
4 1080,380 Carpathian Fangs Run up and around the tower
5 Shadowy Forest Requires mission “The Lurking Horrors” — Drops in Bishop Malev fight
6 1110,370 Carpathian Fangs Drops from mobs inside the church
7 340,845 Shadowy Forest Drops from Deathless mobs (Ascetic / Red)
8 340,845 Shadowy Forest Drops from Deathless mobs (Stripped Priest / White Deathless)
9 300,830 Shadowy Forest Inside a ruined church