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TRANSMIT — initiate the Mertvaya voda signal — RECEIVE — initiate the Zhivaya voda frequency — KILLS VERMIN DEAD — initiate the sentinel syntax — MAY CAUSE IRRITATION — initiate the Tepes Proclamation — WITNESS — The Drǎculeşti.

Some of these legends require a mission or a dungeon

# Coord Location Details
1 445,610 Besieged Farmlands Create platforms by using runes
2 320,725 Besieged Farmlands Up on the scaffolding, watch out for the landmines
3 825,850 Besieged Farmlands On top of a cliff near Romany Camp
4 758,555 Shadowy Forest On top of a hill
5 665,590 Shadowy Forest On top of the wall around the graveyard, jump there from the roof of mausoleum
6 830,850 Shadowy Forest On a truck behind Tibor and Luminita
7 385,975 Carpathian Fangs Inside a cave, entrance at 420,965. Appears after killing The Grey
8 380,1015 The Castle Requires mission “The Castle” — Open the door with blue keycard and go to the small room to the right
9 380,1005 The Castle Requires mission “The Castle” — Inside the room which you open with blue keycard