Filth and Humans

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the mutable signal — RECEIVE — initiate the cuttle-ink frequency — YOU’RE NOT HUMAN TONIGHT, MARLOWE — illumine the Strains of the Filth — WITNESS — Filth and Humans.

Some of these legends require a mission or a dungeon

# Coord Location Details
1 Kaidan Requires mission “My Bloody Valentine” — Inside the clubhouse, in the firing range
2 360,850 Scorched Desert On top of the rocks, near the entrance to The Ankh
3 985,410 Kaidan On top of a Manticore truck
4 460,260 Kaidan On top of a building. Use the stairs on the east side
5 350,190 Kaidan Inside the warehouse
6 420,340 Kaidan Requires mission “The All-Seeing Kawaii” — Drops from Bestial Filth (or is it Filth Beast? thx Lunas!)
7 270,855 Scorched Desert To the west of the entrance to The Ankh
8 205,1015 City of the Sun God On top of a rock