Filth Guardians

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the titan signal — RECEIVE — initiate the eel mucous lexicon — WERE NOT COMPOSED OF ALTOGETHER FLESH AND AND BLOOD…THEY HAD SHAPE…BUT THAT SHAPE WAS NOT MADE OF MATTER — illumine the Strains of the Filth — WITNESS — The Filth Guardians.

Some of these legends require a raid or a lair

# Coord Location Details
1 265,290 Blue Mountain Inside The Guardian’s Cave
2 620,650 Carpathian Fangs Inside Smith’s Cabin
3 1230,675 Carpathian Fangs Stand on top of a van and angle camera
4 715,995 City of the Sun God Next to a cliff
5 35,685 City of the Sun God Next to a Spider Guardian Heropsis
6 470,600 Manhattan Exclusion Zone Requires NY raid — Behind cubicles in QBL office
8 Multiple locations Requires lairs — Collect all 3 essences from regional bosses and then assemble them