Ginpachi Park

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT – initiate the shining heaven signal – RECEIVE – initiate the Prunus serrulata whisper – WILL WE ALL DIE IF THE BEES DISAPPEAR? AFTER THE BREAK! – play the song of Susanoo’s sister – WITNESS – Ginpachi Park.

# Coord Location Details
1 925,785 Kaidan In front of the Agartha portal
2 780,840 Kaidan On a park bench
3 725,590 Kaidan On the roof of a building. Jump and press “F” to get it
4 960,730 Kaidan Behind the Agartha tree
5 785,1010 Kaidan At the west side of a north-eastern island
6 1005,850 Kaidan In the water, right side of the entrance to north-east island