Hell Eternal

Coord Collection # Details
Jinn 2 Drops randomly from Jinns
450,485 Jinn 3 After Archaean Seismocratists
370,440 Jinn 4 After Lustrehunter
380,520 Jinn 5 After Archaean Seismocratists
695,280 Jinn 6 After Prime Makers
290,585 Jinn 9 Before the first boss, on the ledge of rock
Rakshasa 6 Requires dungeon “Hell Raised”, “Hell Eternal” and “Hell Fallen”
At the end of all 3 Hell dungeons is a crystal. Collect all these 3 crystals within 2 hours and you will get the lore
Succubi and Incubi 4 Drops from Dynast of Seep
215,515 The Hell Dimensions 23 On top of grates
410,480 The Hell Dimensions 24 On top of a ledge before before Lustrehunter
655,285 The Hell Dimensions 25 In the maze with Lustrehunter
275,570 The Hell Dimensions 26 On a platform near the first anima well
750,300 The Hell Dimensions 27 Right before the boss after sneaking the war camp area
N/A The Hell Dimensions 28 Appears after killing Eblis
690,235 The Hell Dimensions 29 Inside the maze