Hell Fallen

Coord Collection # Details
490,670 Oni 2 After Molten Constructs
160,715 Hell Fallen 3 Behind the entrance portal
Rakshasa 6 Requires dungeon “Hell Raised”, “Hell Eternal” and “Hell Fallen”
At the end of all 3 Hell dungeons is a crystal. Collect all these 3 crystals within 2 hours and you will get the lore
340,610 Soldiers of Hell 3 After 2nd boss
360,550 Soldiers of Hell 4 After 4th boss
205,725 The Hell Dimensions 16 Right at the beginning of the dungeon
350,720 The Hell Dimensions 17 Behind one of the walls which protects you from sandstorm
375,660 The Hell Dimensions 18 On top of a rocks
320,635 The Hell Dimensions 19 On a grate
490,540 The Hell Dimensions 20
525,660 The Hell Dimensions 21 Behind a pillar at the area where final boss is
525,660 The Hell Dimensions 22 Appears after killing The Ascendant