Legio Fulminata banner

Legio Fulminata


~ we take Illuminati and Dragons too ~

We are a relaxed, non elitist group that welcomes players of all quality levels and experience. We invite everyone to participate in all cabal activities.

We are currently working towards endgame. Elites and Lairs.

We are happy to help newcomers by providing guides and helping with missions.

We have forum and voice chat (teamspeak) available for all members.

If you are interested in joining to our cabal you can find us on enjin at Leones or one of our officers ingame:

Michahel, Minks, Groshek, Tara-Lee, Therocko, Amalyse, Dark-Blood, Rielle, Appletango, SilverMink, Iras, Signael, GeneratorABR