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Savage Coast

Coord Collection # Details
415,950 Ak’ab 33 At beginning of a river
565,925 Ak’ab 3 On top of rocks
615,465 Bogeyman 1 On top of a roller coaster
660,545 Bogeyman 2 Under the Octotron at amusement park
525,500 Bogeyman 3 In a passage from amusement park to barn area
620,485 Bogeyman 4 Drops from Bogeyman at midnight game time. He spawns in front of his house
260,175 Familiars 1 Behind a shed next to the football field at Academy
250,290 Familiars 2 Drops from Correctibe Familiars at Academy grounds
270,345 Familiars 3 Inside Academy, Familiar Lab
Familiars 5 Requires mission “The Faculty”

On a Academy’s rooftop

Familiars 6 Requires mission “Carter Unleashed” — In the basement, first room to the right. Behind a crates
805,1000 Rakshasa 2 Next to a cliff
695,290 Revenants 3 Inside barn
475,295 Revenants 4 Next to a cliff
340,725 Revenants 5 Behind Sycoil Gas Station
165,770 Revenants 6 End of pier made of concrete
870,440 Scarecrows 1 Behind a shelter
465,305 Scarecrows 2 Random drop from Sackcloth Butchers
265,130 Scarecrows 3 Inside the boathouse
495,530 Scarecrows 5 Behind a shelter
830,370 Scarecrows 6 On top of a large rock
495,550 Scarecrows 7 Drops from His Daughter’s Keeper
535,580 Scarecrows 8 Random drop from Henderson’s Legacy
765,950 Succubi and Incubi 1 On top of a rock at the end of the beach
825,950 Succubi and Incubi 5 Drops randomly from Rift Martyrs
20,565 Guardians of Gaia 2 On top of a big rock
575,250 Wisps 3 Drops randomly from the Wisps in the area
460,410 Wisps 4 Drops randomly from the Wisps in the area
515,295 Wisps 5 On top of the rocks
590,190 Wisps 7 On top of a rock. CClimb there from the north side of the rock
475,720 Zombies 4 Next to a house, north side of the road
360,520 Zombies 5 On top of a rock
430,360 Zombies 6 Drops randomly from Innsmouth Track & Field
720,240 Zombies 12 On top of a rock, jump down from above
865,570 The Filth 12 In a cave, this lore is inside a lair
485,650 Council of Venice 2 On a porch, behind Ventian guard
160,860 Wabanaki 1 Next to a tipi
130,845 Wabanaki 2 Under dock at Tolba Bay
190,915 Wabanaki 3 In small alcove at cliffside
295,1020 Wabanaki 4 Inside the cave of the Sleeping One
360,950 Wabanaki 5 On top of a rock, climb there from 335,965
Wabanaki 6 Requires mission “Ami Legend” — Inside the cave where you escort Ami
910,95 The Orochi Group 2 Take elevator up to lighthouse and run downwards
340,730 The Orochi Group 10 On a roof of Sycoil gas station
570,455 Phoenicians 2 On a cliff, climb up at 510,480
445,775 The Black House 1 Interact with the candle in basement
455,760 The Black House 2 At the front porch
440,765 The Black House 3 Inside the house, 2nd floor
450,765 The Black House 4 In small room at the basement, under the stairs
740,765 The Black House 5 In a corner of the house
390,710 The Black House 6 At the front yard across from the Black House
395,740 The Black House 7 In a construction pit
460,820 The Black House 8 Behind a gravestone
505,655 The Black House 9 At the front door of a building where Council of Venice envoy is
460,670 The Black House 10 At the house where John Wolf is
480,795 League of Monster Slayers 1 Next to a tree
490,895 League of Monster Slayers 2 At the roof room in treehouse
490,895 League of Monster Slayers 3 Inside the treehouse
565,970 League of Monster Slayers 4 Inside small canyon
410,990 League of Monster Slayers 5 In underpass
355,905 League of Monster Slayers 6 Next to a wooden planks
240,780 League of Monster Slayers 7 Near Agartha entrance
585,690 League of Monster Slayers 8 On top of a rock, start climbing at 705,605
315,585 League of Monster Slayers 9 Next to a rock
240,635 League of Monster Slayers 10 On top of a rock
210,220 Innsmouth Academy 1 In front of the doors at dorm building
295,390 Innsmouth Academy 2 Inside Academy, 2nd floor
310,300 Innsmouth Academy 3 At the top of bleachers in gym
195,385 Innsmouth Academy 4 On a picnic table
280,330 Innsmouth Academy 5 Inside Academy, 2nd floor. Guarded by Spectre
265,380 Innsmouth Academy 6 Inside Academy, at library
290,345 Innsmouth Academy 7 Inside Academy, 3rd floor
290,390 Innsmouth Academy 8 Inside Academy, 3rd floor, north stairs
345,335 Innsmouth Academy 9 By a pond
300,380 Innsmouth Academy 10 Inside Academy, 2nd floor
280,220 Innsmouth Academy 11 Next to a bleachers at football field
315,435 Innsmouth Academy 12 In a bushes
175,250 Innsmouth Academy 13 On a beach, across from the boathouse
290,405 Innsmouth Academy 14 Inside Academy, 1st floor
293,300 Golems and The Fourth Age 4 In the passage under the bleachers in the Rec Centre
435,650 The Fog 3 Under the slide in playground
845,275 The Fog 4 On a back porch of the wooden house
375,130 The Fog 5 On the roof of a house