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What’s new?

I decided to do a full reworking of the website behind-the-scenes, which mainly comprised editing and recoding HTML for every post. A bit of drudgery spread over a couple of months, whenever I could steal the time and energy for it. Now it’s done and updating the posts has become a lot easier for me. It also provides a better mobile experience (mobile screen and tables do not play well together).


  • Krampusnacht 2017 has started, and the event post with legends’ locations is up. Still wanting: part of the legend text, which is waiting for me to defeat Hel in Niflheim. It may take a day. Or two.
  • Kaidan legends by location are up, one post for open map legends and the other for those requiring a mission.
  • Kaidan legends locations proofed and confirmed for the most part. I haven’t got to Orochi Tower yet, but I don’t expect surprises there.

– Bagofcats