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New York

Coord Collection # Details
The Buzzing 1 Located in all 3 faction hubs
The Buzzing 2 Located in all 3 faction HQ’s
The Buzzing 3 Located in all 3 faction hubs
Morninglight 1 London/New York — Pick up the pamphlet at Morninglight booth and read it
400,345 Morninglight 2 Behind a Morninglight booth
335,425 Morninglight 4 Under a Morninglight poster with a pamphlet
445,325 Illuminati 1 In the park
380,440 Illuminati 2 On top of a containers
400,440 New York 3 Inside a truck
390,455 Illuminati 4 Construction site, with a trash
355,440 Illuminati 5 Behind outdoor toilet
295,400 New York 6 On top of a scaffolding
325,360 Illuminati 7 At warehouse, behind a pillar
335,335 Illuminati 8 In a warehouse, behind crates
310,345 Illuminati 9 In the sewers, take the left corridor and follow it to the end
335,320 Illuminati 10 In the sewers, take the middle corridor, when it splits take the right corridor and then follow it
325,350 Illuminati 11 Behind a stairs near the entrance to Illuminati HQ
290,285 Illuminati 12 At the entrance to sewers, go up the stairs
280,390 Illuminati 13 On top of a scaffolding
305,265 Illuminati 14 At the corner of a fenced area
355,335 Illuminati 15 At the corner before Agartha entrance “pit”
295,285 The Orochi Group 7 Next to a trash container where is the entrance to the labyrinth