Nightmares in the Dream Palace — The Buzzing

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the rabbit hole signal — RECEIVE — initiate the learning protocol — I BELIEVE THAT CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE — initiate the dreamscape beacon — WE LIVE AS WE DREAM-ALONE — who is John? — WITNESS — The Dream Palace.

Some of these legends require a mission

# Coord Location Details
1 930,435 Kaidan At the side of apartment building, near the tank
2 517,156 Kaidan Requires mission “One Kill Ahead” — Appears after the 2nd safehouse cinematic, among the containers
3 940,540 Kaidan Next to a tank that is close Jake Hama
4 Safehouse Requires mission “One Kill Ahead” — At the rooftop next to a wooden crates
5 Clubhouse Requires mission “My Bloody Valentine” — At the corner of a kitchen
6 675,630 Kaidan At the lobby in the Dream Palace, this legend appears only after you have completed mission “Nightmares in the Dream Palace”
7 Safehouse Requires mission “One Kill Ahead” — Inside one of the apartments in the safehouse building