live dancing to Radio Free Gaia Live DJ at Temple Court

Radio Free Gaia: Live at Temple Court

It’s Saturday night and you’re looking at another round of kill-kill-kill-die-kill-some-more. Not us. We went clubbing with JJ and SoulS. Or something like that, as it was an open air affair.

Radio Free Gaia and DJCypher held a much needed facelift of the rather dour Temple Court. I bet Dame Julia was thrilled.

The shirtless squad was also there to enliven the party, doing their version of La Dolce Vita in the fountain. Even CrazyPete wandered in from of Ealdwic Park, a bottle of Chateau Plonk well in hand. Pity there was no bar, unless you count CrazyPete offering to share his bottle with the pretty girls — which is not much different from the more upscale establishments (they’re only better dressed).

And it went on for quite a few hours. We had time to break for a Guided Tour of The Dream Wars, all complete with running commentary and Lore Hunt (sorry, Legend Hunt, old habits), and then get back to a party in full swing. A lot more people had found their way to Temple Court. And CrazyPete had gone to sleep it off.