Scorched Desert

Coord Collection # Details
430,560 Arthropods 1 Inside a small hut
280,505 Arthropods 3 Drops from scorpions
890,430 Arthropods 4 On top of a rock
905,455 Arthropods 5 In front of the entrance to tunnels, in a small “cave”
385,370 Cultists 1 Behind a wall
305,160 Cultists 4 On the cliff
Cultists 5 Requires mission “The Prisoner” — Behind a containers after escaping the cell via tunnel
360,850 Filth and Humans 2 On top of the rocks, near the entrance to The Ankh
270,855 Filth and Humans 7 West side from the entrance to The Ankh
910,550 Ghouls 3 On top of a rock
1010,700 Ghouls 5 In the passage behind hotel
765,690 Ghouls 6 Inside a cave
345,515 Golems 2 Behind ruins
685,545 Golems 3 Drops from Kaphiri, the Moving Mountain
540,878 Golems and The Fourth Age 1 By the east wall of the Eastern Scar
590,880 Jinn 7 Drops from Mak’all The Hellfire. Summon him by killing the cultists from the area
360,660 Mummies 1 On top of a cliff
155,735 Mummies 2 Requires mission “Time for Every Purpose” — Inside temple at Tier 2
155,730 Mummies 5 Inside the northernmost temple
795,875 Mummies 8 On top of a overhanging rock
160,575 Mummies 11 Drops from Tribunus Otho
Mummies 12 Requires mission “A Time for Every Purpose” — Drops from Ancient Embalmed Corpse. To get this collect the following items while in the past (Sol Glorificus, 329AD)

  • Shovel 400,660
  • Embalming Fluid 210,640
  • Corpse 250,655

Bury the body in the past, and in the present you can kill this mob

The Breaks in Time 1 Thinis, 1897BCE — Requires mission “The City Before Us” — Run up to the path where you buried ankh. Jump on top of a large rock and follow the small path
215,545 The Breaks in Time 2 Behind the Time Tomb
The Breaks in Time 3 Sol Glorificus, 329AD — Requires mission “A Time to Every Purpose” — Go up on the hill at the eastern side, walk on time wind to get the lore
The Breaks in Time 4 Date Factory — Requires mission “The Prisoner” — Inside the Date Factory, on top of a container
The Breaks in Time 5 Al-Meraya Foundation — Requires mission “The City Beneath Us” — In the room with Depth Lingerer
The Breaks in Time 6 Train — Requires mission “The Last Train to Cairo” — Drop down behind the first tanker car and then back into the boxcar
530,670 Spirits of Flame 1 Near lava rift
440,975 Spirits of Flame 2 On top of a cliff
555,630 Spirits of Flame 3 In lava, be careful
540,915 Spirits of Flame 4 On top of a cliff
525,640 Guardians of Gaia 4 In the fiery crack
310,805 The Filth 6 In front of the entrance to the Ankh
595,430 Council of Venice 4 On top of a awning, climb from the near wall
600,435 Council of Venice 8 In al-Merayah, next to Council of Venice agents
535,715 The Marya 1 Next to Shani
580,445 The Marya 2 Next to a speaking Maryan Recruiter
885,290 The Marya 3 Back of the tent in Marya Basecamp
515,360 The Marya 4 On top of the Marya’s barricade
615,460 The Marya 5 Between the rocks north-east side of al-Merayah
810,230 The Marya 6 Other side of the wall at Marya Basecamp’s anima well
490,310 Morninglight 6 In a building. Go behind a curtains and drop down to the room
260,760 The Orochi Group 4 Inside a chamber at tent
645,330 The Orochi Group 16 On a roof of a house with Plethron sign
195,480 The Third Age 1 On top of a statue
550,450 Phoenicians 4 On cafe’s rooftop at al-Merayah
485,215 Phoenicians 5 Inside one of the towers
830,990 Temple City Discovered 4 In an “alley”
Temple City Discovered 5 Requires mission “The Big Terrible Picture” — Examine Montrgomery’s research at the end of the mission
600,440 Temple City Discovered 7 Behind a wall near the Council of Venice agents
760,1115 Temple City Discovered 8 On the top of a gate, climb from north-east side
830,620 The Kingdom 1 Inside the hotel, in a corner of foyer
550,380 The Kingdom 2 In an alley at Al-Merayah
840,585 The Kingdom 3 Next to Saïd
625,790 The Kingdom 4 In first floor at the Tourist Temple
The Kingdom 5 Requires mission “The High Cost of Dying” — First room of the Anthenum, hiding behind statue
430,405 The Kingdom 6 In a cave
830,550 The Kingdom 7 Inside a pipe at hotel grounds
560,390 The Kingdom 8 2nd floor on the building, next to computers
The Kingdom 9 Requires mission “The Traitor” — Examine the polaroid at the first house
820,1070 The Kingdom 10 Next to a big statue
745,1115 King Solomon 3 On top of a statue at the entrance to City of the Sun God
King Solomon 4 The Ankh — Requires mission “The Angry Earth” — Behind Dr. Klein at the end of the encounter