Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the best Illuminati super-cabal in the game


We are a collection of PvP and PvE players who work hard to better ourselves and each other, and to help out our friends in the cabal as much as possible. We are PvP-centric, but we also do high-end PvE content such as NM raids.

There are several factors that make us the best cabal for you:

  • Daily scenarios
  • Daily PvP events and full-time Fusang participation
  • Expert PvP and PvE build advise offered
  • Friendly cabal atmosphere and supportive playerbase
  • A large cabal which is very active with 24/7 chat with your fellow cabal mates to hang-out, talk, get advice, or request help
  • Frequent end-game dungeon runs
  • Elite and Nightmare raids planned
  • Top-level players who can help you become as good as you can be
  • 100% support for players of all gear levels, from Kingsmouth to Kaiden and beyond!

If you don’t have a cabal, if your cabal isn’t very active, or if you just want to become part of a cabal which is everything you always wished yours would be come join us today!

We are also very open to cabal mergers for smaller or less active Illuminati cabals which want to consolidate our forces to make SUPER MEGA DEATH TEAM a stronger, more supportive, and larger community!

For either of the above please /tell or send an in-game mail to


Or any other player you see with the SUPER MEGA DEATH TEAM tag above their head to get started!

Thank everyone, and I hope we can see you in cabal chat soon! Come join the fun today!