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Syndicate 33

Greetings fellow bees!

I appreciate your interest in Syndicate 33. As a new group, we are very interested in recruiting new bodies to fill out our ranks. Our demands on our members are very simple. You will show respect to others at all times and you will enjoy yourselves as a member of an upcoming firm of high ranking individuals. Disrespect and behavior that casts a negative public perception will be met with swift execution. Unlike the Illuminati, we are not so barbaric in our methods of disposal as to use bombs or as distrustful as most Dragons, nor are we as naive as the Templars. Violators will be added to a list and left to rot on their own, forever worrying about their impending doom, which may come at any time.

If you are still here and still interested, contact may be made through cell phone communications in the world via Tells. Draakdorei or GinFiz are your points of contact.

  • Name: Syndicate 33
  • Forum-post: Syndicate 33
  • Website:
  • Faction: Multi-Faction
  • Language: English
  • Focus: PvX
  • Recruiting: Yes