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Syndicate, one of the original 50 founder cabals of TSW, is recruiting new agents

Many of our agents did not survive the trip through the dimensional barrier from TSW to SWL and we need to reinforce our ranks. We are currently focused on helping each other recoup our strength by running group content including dungeons, scenarios, lairs, and XP grinding for AP/SP.

Looking forward, we are committed to conquering all endgame content as it is released. We are not a cabal of casual players. We are not a cabal of ‘hard-core’ raiders. We are efficient, and progression cannot escape us. For this we require preparedness, willingness, and respect.

Our current requirements to join are lower than what will be in place once endgame content is released, however even at this time we still do not accept “casual” or “social” members. Exemptions may be made for spouses, etc who may not wish (or be able to) meet our regular standards. Please inquire within.

We are currently accepting agents of all roles, however be aware that as endgame approaches, we expect our agents to be versatile and flexible. While it might never be necessary for you to switch from your preferred role, it may fall to you to fill any void that might appear. We do not expect you to be an “expert” at all roles, just that you be prepared and willing to do what is necessary for the good of the whole.

More rules and requirements will be added as Funcom releases content that requires us to become more strict. With that said, we strive to be compact, experienced, and dedicated. We aim to maintain a community of small stature, which in part requires a level of effort from those within. While our standards may be considered strict – more so than some, less so than others – they are practiced for the sole purpose of benefiting the whole.

Certain allowances will be made for any member who is with us when new rules and regulations go into place. We will do all that we can to be as flexible as we expect you to be, but we will not remove you or exclude you simply because you cannot meet a requirement that did not exist when you joined. We do not forget those who have aided us.

We are not a cabal of roleplayers nor do we have a focus on PvP, however if you wish to participate in these activities, you are absolutely free to use whatever cabal resources are permitted to you. Finally, we do not have any requirements for Patronship. Neither do we now nor will we in the future require our members to spend money on the game in order to join and participate in cabal activities.


  • Use your head. We all know the basic requirements for joining a cabal/guild/clan for an online game. Be civil with one another, respect the cabal leadership, etc. You know the drill.
  • As this is a game intended for mature audiences, we do not place any limitations on language, etc, however the standard rules of respecting all human beings applies. This goes along with the first rule of using your head. Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc will be dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice. Cabal communication channels are also not the place for contentious subjects such as religion or politics. If you’re going to use profanity then do so in an adult manner.
  • We require our potentials to be competent. Inexperience with certain content is acceptable should one show an aptitude for development. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek help. If you are falling behind then we are far more likely to be forgiving if you are actively trying to better yourself. On a similar note, you should be willing to accept constructive criticism without taking offense.
  • We require our members to be participants. We do not require a specific level of interaction with fellow cabal-mates, but we will not tolerate any of our members skulking about in the back of the room all the time.
  • Finally, for current group content we do not require voice communication, however as we progress into the higher levels of Elite dungeons and eventually into raids, voice communication will be a requirement. We will not require you to speak, but we will require you to listen. Our current method of communication is via Discord so please be prepared to install the Discord client if you do not already have it. It is in the initial stages of being setup, but in the future all official cabal business (such as announcements, etc) will be conducted there.

For questions or to apply for membership, please choose one of the following:

  • Contact Darxide via a PM on
  • Contact Daestrus, Sinamin or Odysseus in-game

~ We have been here since the beginning, and we will remain until the end ~

  • Name: Syndicate
  • Active in SWL
  • Forum-post: Syndicate
  • Website:
  • Faction: Multifaction
  • Language: English
  • Focus: PVE
  • Recruiting: Yes