Temple City Discovered

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT – initiate Egypt signal – RECEIVE – initiate the buried things frequency – DO NOT OPEN – initiate the waking cadence – WITNESS – The Temple City Discovery.

Some of these legends require mission or dungeon

# Coord Location Details
1 700,730 City of the Sun God Between the Gauntlet and the Halls of Cleansing Flames
2 615,825 City of the Sun God On top of a rock, start jumping from 615,790
3 225,730 City of the Sun God In front of the entrance to Nocturne
4 830,990 Scorched Desert In an “alley”
5 Scorched Desert Requires mission “The Big Terrible Picture”
Examine Montrgomery’s research at the end of the mission
6 565,175 City of the Sun God Inside The Halls of Lost Records
7 600,440 Scorched Desert Behind a wall near the Council of Venice agents
8 760,1115 Scorched Desert On the top of a gate, climb from north-east side
9 60,875 City of the Sun God At Orochi Camp, inside the first tent
10 480,445 City of the Sun God In a cave, entrance at 455,465