The Ankh

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT – initiate the oily signal – RECEIVE – initiate the dream frequency – INDUCE VOMITING IF SWALLOWED – initiate embalming protocol – WITNESS – The Ankh.

All of these legends require a dungeon

# Coord Location Details
1 425,240 The Ankh Right at the entrance
2 345,210 The Ankh After first boss, in an alcove
3 495,265 The Ankh After first Klein fight when you drop down, it’s behind you
4 445,300 The Ankh At the top of a dead Orochi
5 460,205 The Ankh Destroy Wretched Receptacles, may drop from any of them
6 85,255 The Ankh Kill all 3 Dwellers before last boss
7 440,220 The Ankh Drops from Metamorphosing Orochi Agent
8 470,245 The Ankh Drops from Disembalmed Atenist
9 385,240 The Ankh After the Orochi Dead Ops boss
10 435,205 The Ankh On top of a sarcophagus
11 175,240 The Ankh On top of a cliff before the filth pool