The Breach

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT – initiate Transylvania signal – RECEIVE – initiate dream frequency – FIX LEAKS THE SMART WAY – initiate the nautiloid lullaby – WITNESS – The Breach.

# Coord Location Details
1 910,935 Carpathian Fangs On top of a watchtower
2 910,480 Shadowy Forest In the Mirewood area
3 1085,800 Carpathian Fangs Back of the truck which is located near the entrance to The Breach
4 1220,745 Carpathian Fangs Inside The Breach, in one of the containers. You need to jump on top of containers and rocks to access this legend
5 1200,725 Carpathian Fangs Last floor at The Breach, at the end of a girder
6 1160,665 Carpathian Fangs Inside The Breach. On top of a floating rock