The Breaks in Time

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the quantum foam — RECEIVE — initiate the wrinkles in time — THIS WAY — see how you are drawn to it — WHAT’S PAST IS PAST — nostalgia for the absolute — WARNING — may cause melancholy — WITNESS — the mechanised longing of the THIRD AGE.

Some of these legends require a mission

# Coord Location Details
1 554,492 Thinis, 1897BCE Requires mission “The City Before Us” — in a crevice among the rocks to the East of where you bury the ark
2 215,545 Scorched Desert Behind the Time Tomb
3 Sol Glorificus, 329AD Requires mission “A Time to Every Purpose” — Climb the hill on the east side, walk through time wind to get the legend
4 Date Factory Requires mission “The Prisoner” — Inside the Date Factory, on top of a crate
5 Al-Meraya Foundation Requires mission “The City Beneath Us” — In the room with the Depth Lingerer
6 Train Requires mission “The Last Train to Cairo” — Drop down behind the first tanker car and then back into the boxcar