The Call of the Nameless

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the program and the prayer — RECEIVE — initiate the expulsion process — FROM THE MISCHIEF OF THE WHISPERER WHO WITHDRAWS — initiate the thousand and one nights — WHO WHISPERS INTO THE HEARTS OF JINN AND MANKIND — Iron, O thou ill-omened one! — WITNESS — the Call of the Nameless.

Some of these legends require a mission

# Coord Location Details
1 970,610 City of the Sun God By the corner of the temple. Use Ancient Temple Door to get inside the temple
2 The Ankh Requires mission “The Angry Earth” — In the second alcove where the first boss would be in the dungeon version
3 Agartha Egypt Hub
4 830,245 City of the Sun God Inside Moutemouia’s mastaba, left corner
5 1000,770 City of the Sun God In the middle of the path from the Valley of the Afterlife to Bab-el Monzarin
6 860,100 City of the Sun God On top of a tall spike at the Hollow. Climb ofrom 845,80 or 870,80
7 Black Pyramid Requires mission “In the Dusty Dark” — After escaping the mummies, don’t hit the pad in the ground, but go right and follow the path. The legend is behind an open door
8 Black Pyramid Requires mission “In the Dusty Dark” — At the beginning of the labyrinth, take the left path
9 Prison Requires mission “Beneath You It Eats Its Name” — In the corner of the room after defeating The Unbound