The Gungne

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate Yggr’s signal — RECEIVE — initiate Terra Australis beacon — ON GUNGNIR’S POINT, AND ON GRANI’S BREAST, ON THE NAILS OF NORNS, AND THE NIGHT-OWL’S BEAK — initiate the ice-cutting cadence — IT JUST WANTS TO GO TO SLEEP IN THE COLD UNTIL THE RESCUE TEAM FINDS IT — carry the dread burden — WITNESS — the Gungne.

# Coord Location Details
1 385,305 Kaidan Under the bridge
2 310,235 Kaidan Climb at the top of a construction and then walk at the top of a pipes to reach the legend
3 250,210 Kaidan On a top of a deck at nightmare area ship
4 250,185 Kaidan On a main deck at nightmare area ship