The Hive Reanimated

We are a cabal that is….


Exceptions can be made, but we’re an adult-oriented cabal. And by “adult” we mean the bill-paying type of adulthood, not the sexy kind.

Progression, RP, PvP, Social, Casual-friendly

Whatever you’re interested in, we’re interested in it.


We’re an international cabal and aim to have a diverse event schedule.

Please sign up on our enjin website, fill in an application **there are no requirements to join**, as well as message Sanguiguard for Lumi cabal, Vylhalla or Bigigy for Templar.

  • Name: The Hive Reanimated
  • TSW-post:
  • Website:
  • Faction: Multifaction
  • Language: primarily English
  • Focus: PVE
  • Recruiting: Yes