The House-in-Exile — The Buzzing

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the Jigoku signal — RECEIVE — initiate the Yokai cadence — HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE — initiate the Ox-Tiger direction — WHEN THE GOING GETS WEIRD, THE WEIRD TURN PRO — let Miru-me and Kagu-hana testify — WITNESSS — the House-in-Exile.

Some of these legends require a mission

# Coord Location Details
1 380,910 Kaidan Between two stands
2 Carpark Requires mission “Contract Killers” — On top of a red car
3 130,915 Kaidan On top of rocks
4 455,665 Kaidan Behind a pillar
5 360,815 Kaidan In a small alley, on top of a blue trash container
6 170,815 Kaidan Talk to Inbeda and finish off “Yourself” dialogue
7 830,655 Kaidan Behind a small monument in graveyard
8 Carpark Requires mission “Contract Killers” — On top floor
9 685,790 Kaidan Outside the building, in a corner