The Kingdom

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT – initiate Ka signal – RECEIVE – initiate Ba syntax – IT KEEPS GOING AND GOING AND GOING – initiate the Going-Forth-By-Day lexicon – THREE CAN KEEP A SECRET, IF ALL OF THEM ARE DEAD – the necrotic prerogative – WITNESS – The Kingdom.

Some of these legends require mission or dungeon

# Coord Location Details
1 830,620 Scorched Desert Inside the hotel, in a corner of foyer
2 550,380 Scorched Desert In an alley at Al-Merayah
3 840,585 Scorched Desert Next to Saïd
4 625,790 Scorched Desert In first floor at the Tourist Temple
5 Scorched Desert Requires mission “The High Cost of Dying” – First room of the Anthenum, hiding behind statue
6 430,405 Scorched Desert In a cave
7 830,550 Scorched Desert Inside a pipe at hotel grounds
8 560,390 Scorched Desert 2nd floor on the building, next to computers
9 Scorched Desert Requires mission “The Traitor” – Examine the polaroid at the first house
10 820,1070 Scorched Desert Next to a big statue