The Orochi Group

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate Kushinado-Hime signal — RECEIVE — initiate eight-branch frequency — BUILDING A BETTER TOMORROW — initiate the seven-dead-daughters syntax — SEIZING THE FUTURE — initiate the Susanoo Proclamation — TRAGEDY STRUCK IN TOKYO TODAY — flip the Ace of Industry — WITNESS — The Orochi Group.

Some of these legends require a mission

# Coord Location Details
1 385,995 Kingsmouth Inside a van
2 910,95 Savage Coast Take elevator up to lighthouse and run downwards
3 745,790 Blue Mountain In a shipping container
4 260,760 Scorched Desert Inside a chamber at tent
5 810,520 Besieged Farmlands Inside a house, under stairs
6 255,270 London Ealdwic Station, on a bench
7 295,285 New York Next to a trash container where is the entrance to the labyrinth
8 225,845 City of the Sun God On top of a rock
9 70,990 City of the Sun God Inside a Orochi tent
10 340,730 Savage Coast On a roof of Sycoil gas station
11 400,315 Kingsmouth On a roof of Susie’s Diner
12 698,907 Kingsmouth Laboratory below the Orochi camp at the airport, entrance at 735,915
13 Blue Mountain Requires mission “The Orochi Group” — In a furthest tent in Orochi camp. If you have completed the mission sometime, you can go there without the mission
14 160,365 London In a bank
15 690,400 Blue Mountain Under a ledge, jump down from the ledge to reach legend
16 645,330 Scorched Desert On a roof of a house with Plethron sign
17 405,410 Carpathian Fangs In a Orochi outpost, inside a tent