The Sanctuary

What is The Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary, or more precisely #Sanctuary, a player-created custom chat, filled with friendly and helpful people, which can be accessed across all dimensions and instances.

Join us in-game with /chat join Sanctuary

What can I use The Sanctuary for?

The main goal of The Sanctuary is to help both old and new players, provide help where needed and answer any questions you might have. The focus of the Sanctuary will probably be on new players who are in Kingsmouth, the Savage Coast and Blue Mountains, as well as people who need help completing some of the harder quests in Egypt and Transylvania. The Sanctuary can also be used to find people to group, PvP or RP with.

Can I use The Sanctuary to find dungeon groups?

The game already provides Agartha, LFG chat, #Noobmares and an LFG tool for that. Just asking or looking for a group isn’t a problem however, provided you can’t find one using the other channels and as long as it doesn’t turn into “LF 2 DPS HF” spam (please limit yourself to one post per 5 minutes).

How can I enter The Sanctuary?

You can access The Sanctuary in-game by using the /chat join Sanctuary command and pressing the + icon on your chat UI. You can also set up a script that will always subscribe you to the Sanctuary and several other helpful channels. If you use this script you still have to add the channels via the + icon to access them.

Chat channel: /chat join Sanctuary
TSW-forum thread: Need help in-game? [Presenting the Sanctuary]