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The Yokai

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The leader of The Yokai has gone MIA. Consequently, The Yokai has declared itself on hiatus until the situation has been resolved satisfactorily

What are we about? The concept is, in its bare simplicity, occult ninjas carrying out the will of the Dragon in a more secretive manner. Think old-school spy movies, including cheesy codewords and self-destructing notes, with a pinch of kung fu and sorcery. The Yokai are occult innovators, and will accept pretty much any supernatural entity into their midst as long as they can prove useful to them.

We are a heavy rp cabal and thus roleplaying is our main focus, though we’d love to do some pve as a group is we get the numbers. There is no time commitment involved with us — we all have a life outside the game — though we do seek people that are not afraid to start things on their own, even if just some random rp in game or even start a roleplay thread on our forums.

You should join if:
Your think your character could fit with the concept and is loyal to the Dragon. You enjoy the investigative missions in TSW; many of our GM’ed scenarios will take inspiration from those. You enjoy ‘conflict’ for the purpose of creating a story. Have read and understood our Rules of Conduct.

You should not join if:
You are looking solely for pub/tavern roleplay. Your character is siding with the rebellion. You hate investigative missions. Have problems separating IC and OOC.

The Yokai can also be contacted OOC by other cabals if you’d require us to further your own cabal plots. Need a Dragon, an ally or an enemy? Need an informant or an assassin? We’re not afraid to play either the good or the bad guy or play the role of NPCs in your scenarios. ( I make an amazing Yellow Sign employee 😛 )

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our website or poke me, either in game (Kuro-Hebi), via Enjin ( or via Twitter @Kuro_8529

Please note that the application form on our forums is mandatory BUT doesn’t need to be filled IC, considering the nature of secrecy of the Yokai, there is far more chances we’ll come to you instead of you coming to us 😉