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Triad of Abydos

The Triad of Abydos seeks new supplicants. Do you have the willpower to serve the Egyptian Gods of Old in the time of our greatest need? To gather power and knowledge to drive back our ancient foes to the abyss they crawl from! We do not care which ‘Secret’ group holds your leash, we care that you have the fortitude for the task that lies ahead… Do you wish to help us ascend? Or do we rise off the backs of your fallen because you stood against us?

We are a Multi-Faction RP Cabal seeking new and veteran players!

We’ve noticed that many people are asking for RP Cabals and if they can find RP in the game, and we’re hoping to bring some of it back. Both with returning veterans and with fresh faces as well.

We are as helpful as we can be, and have a discord if you’re looking to join us seriously.

Those of you who are savvy with religion, especially ancient Egyptian, will note that the Triad of Abydos follows Osiris, Isis, and Horus… The Cabal -is- Egyptian themed, with ranks based off which part of the Tribunal you wish to join.

Message Ciidcas or Inganni in-game when we’re online to get an invite. Or join the Discord to coordinate your recruitment.

This can either be OOC with RP done later, or RP if you have the time or desire.

  • Name: Triad of Abydos
  • Active in SWL
  • Forum-post:
  • Website:
  • Faction: Multi (Started by Illuminati though)
  • Language: English
  • Focus: RP/PVE
  • Recruiting: Yes