Vampire Masters

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate nyctophilia signal — RECEIVE — initiate the tyrant cadence — YOU SHALL NOT EAT THE BLOOD OF ANY CREATURE, FOR THE LIFE OF EVERY CREATURE IS ITS BLOOD — illumine the Menagerie of the Vampire — WITNESS — The Vampire Masters.

Some of these legends require a mission

# Coord Location Details
1 355,1000 Carpathian Fangs On top of scaffolding
2 265,755 Besieged Farmlands Requires mission “The Cost of Magic” — In front of Elder’s Blood
3 855,1160 Besieged Farmlands Drops from Frontline Engorged
4 555,985 Carpathian Fangs On 2nd floor of cabin
5 535,1055 Carpathian Fangs Drops from Danesti Painartist
6 355,1015 Carpathian Fangs Requires mission “The Castle” — In the corner of Gary’s room
7 420,1025 Carpathian Fangs Requires mission “The Castle” — Behind a truck in courtyard
8 250,865 Besieged Farmlands In the corner or building
9 915,1030 Carpathian Fangs Drops from Nocturnal Survivalist. Chase him when he flies away