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TRANSMIT — initiate the Dawn signal — RECEIVE — initiate dream frequency — BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED — initiate the sentinel syntax — IMPROVE MEMORY AND FOCUS THE SAFE AND NATURAL WAY — Initiate the Kingsmouth Prerogative — WITNESS — The Wabanaki

Some of these legends require a mission or a dungeon

# Coord Location Details
1 160,860 Savage Coast Next to a tipi
2 130,845 Savage Coast Under dock at Tolba Bay
3 190,915 Savage Coast In small alcove at cliffside
4 295,1020 Savage Coast Inside the cave of the Sleeping One
5 360,950 Savage Coast On top of a rock, climb there from 335,965
6 Savage Coast Requires mission “Ami Legend” — Inside the cave where you escort Ami
7 190,630 Blue Mountain Next to Joe Madahândo
8 255,390 Blue Mountain Under Azeban bridge
9 320,380 Blue Mountain Ash Forest, guarded by Akab’s
10 845,295 Blue Mountain Next to Eleanor Franklin
11 325,860 Blue Mountain At construction site, at the top of a hanging steel girder
12 200,740 Blue Mountain At graveyard near Wabanaki’s village
13 630,640 Blue Mountain At Wabanaki’s holy site