Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT — initiate the howling signal — RECEIVE — initiate the Romulus and Remus legacy — SILENCE, ACCURSED WOLF! ATTACK YOUR OWN INSIDES WITH YOUR DEVOURING RAGE — illumine the Local Legends of Transylvania — WITNESS — The Werewolf.

# Coord Location Details
1 790,1120 Shadowy Forest On top of a rock
2 370,1180 Carpathian Fangs On top of a rock
3 355,1200 Carpathian Fangs On a ledge
4 935,1075 Shadowy Forest On top of the hill
5 660,685 Besieged Farmlands On top of a rock
6 500,520 Besieged Farmlands Random drop from Custorii Scalpers
7 365,1200 Carpathian Fangs Drops from Frostbite
8 960,220 Besieged Farmlands In a crack of a cliff