Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…
TRANSMIT – initiate the necrotic signal – RECEIVE – initiate the putrescent cadence – DAMN IT, IT WASN’T QUITE FRESH ENOUGH! – illumine the Reanimated – WITNESS – Zombies.

# Coord Location Details
1 515,100 Kingsmouth Near fence, behind one of the houses
2 370,330 Kingsmouth In alley behind Susie’s Diner
3 695,400 Kingsmouth Next to the house with suicide note
4 475,720 Savage Coast Next to a house, north side of the road
5 360,520 Savage Coast On top of a rock
6 430,360 Savage Coast Drops randomly from Innsmouth Track & Field
7 285,495 Kingsmouth Drops randomly from Dearly Departed
8 135,930 Kingsmouth Drops randomly from Rapidly-Mutating Hulks and Hulking Masses
9 345,220 Kingsmouth Drops randomly from Drowned Mariners
10 535,65 Kingsmouth Drops randomly from Cultist True Believers
11 245,500 Blue Mountain Drops from Decomposing Kodiak
12 720,240 Savage Coast On top of a rock, jump down from above
13 290,515 Kingsmouth Resurrection Joe. Needs to be summoned at Kingsmouth graveyard. You will probably need a full group with tank + healer. Collect all following 6 pieces to summon him. The pieces have a long respawn time (5-8 hrs? if it isn’t there, change instance):
Torso – Kingsmouth 390,20
Right Leg – Kingsmouth 180,615
Left leg – Savage Coast 130,650
Left arm – Savage Coast 550,190
Right arm – Blue Mountain 350,760 (Casino ground floor, by two small containers)
Head – Blue Mountain 495,125 (in the water under the bridge)
Rez Joe's right arm
Rez Joe’s right arm
Rez Joe's head
Rez Joe’s head